Blockchain: WhiteBlock And Mythx In Partnership

Exciting new partnership assembling in the crypto rising industry
Exciting new partnership assembling in the crypto rising industry

Whiteblock has made a significant step by choosing the best partnership with Mythx. This partnership has planned for the safer development of Blockchain. The testing platform of the Block-chain named Whiteblock has announced a partnership. This development partnership has made with a company named Mythx on 1 July.

This partnership will act as very beneficial and helpful for the developers. The Blockchain developers can detect the contract issues after this successful partnership. Also, it is beneficial for developers to improve their testing procedures. The report of Consensys claims that Blockchain developers can have the best benefits. They can sleep well during nights and work best in the day. The partnership will offer benefits to the developers while testing and developing.

The working criteria for Mythx and Whiteblock are different, according to Consensys. Mythx provides the best security analysis safety to the development system. It scans in the Ethereum Smart contracts for the safer development of Blockchain. The Whiteblock works on the criteria of end-to-end testing, according to Consensys. This development platform will test Blockchain for the developers in a proper manner.

The working analysis indicates that Whiteblock Genesis users have more knowledge. The developer and partnership are in complete favor of users of Whiteblock Genesis. The scans done by the Mythx are straightforward for users of Whiteblock Genesis to operate. This processing makes development and testing faster, as well as safer. The Blockchain developers now have time to sleep at night.

WhiteBlock And Mythx Become Partners For The Safe Development Of Blockchain
Blockchain: WhiteBlock And Mythx Combine At Last

Why White-Block Collaborates With Mythx? 

The partnership of Mythx with Whiteblock Genesis is due to some favors. The Whiteblock Genesis provides the best feature of smart and intelligent contract scans. Mythx offers two basics options for the smart and intelligent contract scan. 

Mythx offers two options named a deep contract scan and a quick contract scan. The quick scan criteria of the Mythx checks the high-severity and testing issues. Yet, this contract scan may include some blocking errors. So, a Deep contract scans of Mythx acts like the Whiteblock Genesis test. It takes around forty minutes to test the Blockchains with a deep scan.

After the completion of a deep scan and quick scan by Mythx, report completion takes place. The performance of the CI context takes place that records the vulnerability report. The vulnerability report will appear on the dashboard of Mythx after the scanning. Mythx primary aim is to avoid costly errors in Blockchain development. The depth of testing will improve after the investment of Whiteblock and Mythx. The Mythx performs the pre-checking for blocking the additional issues. The deep checking of Mythx can cause the best impact on the development of Blockchain.  

What Is The Aim Of This Partnership?

This partnership can act as very helpful and useful for Blockchain developers. The users can perform extensive tasks of Blockchain testing in a short period. 

The users of Whiteblock Genesis are brilliant and powerful. They have extensive knowledge of smart contract scanning and testing. Also, the partnership of Whiteblock with Mythx will act amazingly for the developers. The CTO of Nathaniel Blakeley has reported experience with the Whiteblock users. The quick scan and deep scan will make the Blockchain development very comfortable.

The risk will reduce when the development takes place within the working. The Whiteblock and Mythx will result in better production and testing of Blockchain. Thus, the process will become easy and hassle-free during development. Also, the beneficial fact is that cloud resources always remain safe and protected. Even, the test run by Whiteblock Genesis gets blocked. The cloud resources will never cause error or risk.  

The integration of Whiteblock Genesis users with Mythx users will cause rapid scans. The users can test the Blockchain development and can perform smart scanning. The development of Blockchain will not have high prices and risk errors. Also, the errors can get detected before the project gets projected live.