Cryptocurrency Mining : Know The Entire Process

Learn About Mining of Cryptocurrency
Learn About Mining of Cryptocurrency

With cryptocurrency making headlines in the past few months, more people are sitting up and taking a look.   The mining of cryptocurrency is a procedure where machines, such as computers,  are put to task to acquire a few cryptocurrencies.  The task performed by a machine is called “Proof of Work” to ensure fair play.  The auditors or miners get paid for the task they perform.  They verify bitcoin transactions, etc. to resolve issues related to spending the same cryptocurrency twice.  Cryptocurrency mining is an art that one needs to learn. 

Cryptocurrency Mining For Beginners

It would help if you had plenty of patience to plant a firm foot in mining cryptocurrencies before making a profit.  Generally, cryptomining has a slow start before it picks up speed.  Newbies should be cautious while mining cryptocurrency as it tends to fluctuate considerably.  Initially, you may need to invest a dollar or two daily.  You would require computer hardware, electrical connection, a flawless internet connection, and mathematical computing programs.  These programs could be a chip, GPU (graphical processing unit), or  ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit).   Apart from that, you would require a legalized cryptomining software package.  To get started, you would need to register yourself as an online member of cryptocurrency exchange and a certificate of permission from an online mining pool.  The process of cryptomining heats your computer.  So, it is advisable to attach a cooling agent for the hardware. 

Types of Cryptocurrencies

The moment you think of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is the first thing that comes to your mind.  However, it happens to be the trickiest cryptocurrency that freshers should tackle after gaining control over the mining process.  Apart from Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dash can also be mined.  You can choose your cryptocurrency based on your investment capability, expected returns, and mining enthusiasm.

Learn About Mining of Cryptocurrency
Learn About Mining of Cryptocurrency

Methods of Cryptocurrency Mining

There are several methods of mining cryptocurrency, such as CPU, GPU, ASIC, Cloud mining.  You can choose one that suits you better.

Cloud Mining

Though many claims that cryptocurrency is painstaking and an expensive affair, cloud mining methods may take the burden off their shoulders.  Cloud mining is an option for those who do not want to own a rig but still want to earn its benefits.  The expenses involved here is flexible and will allow you to choose one that fits your pocket.  You can appoint a corporate to rent out a rig for a specific duration to perform the task.  The earnings from cloud mining are transferred to your cryptocurrency wallet after deducting the rent, electricity, and maintenance costs.  You register online, find your host to execute the task, type in your cryptocurrency wallet code, and you are all set to go. 

GPU Mining

If you want a relatively low-cost mining process, then GPU is the one for you.  It utilizes a couple of graphic cards, rigs, motherboard, cooling, and a processor for mining.  It offers thousands of rigs, so its hash speed is considerably good.

CPU Mining

The CPU method of mining is a piece of cake since a processor is used to mine cryptocurrencies.  It is the most viable option since all you need is a desktop computer with some mining programs.  It is highly recommended not to think of replacing your desktop with your laptop.  The CPU method is an attractive way to mine for freshers.  However, mature miners opt-out from the processor method because it is slow.

ASIC Mining

Professional miners prefer ASICs over GPU and CPU methods since they produce an unimaginable amount of cryptocurrencies.  Despite its benefits, it has tangled itself in legal issues that keep users at bay.

Sum Up

Aspirant miners of cryptocurrency might be drawn to this field, eyeing the lucrative factor.  However, they must be aware that cryptocurrencies are subject to risk as it is highly volatile.  Furthermore, the newbies may find it hard to cope up with the cut-throat competition initially.  However, once they learn the tact of managing their portfolio, it is a smooth sail onwards.  The trick of earning substantial money from mining requires an enterprising attitude and quick decision-making ability.