World Of Cryptocurrency : 5 Emerging Startups

5 startups To Look Out For In The World Of Cryptocurrency
5 startups To Look Out For In The World Of Cryptocurrency

Companies dealing in cryptocurrencies have scaled up in the recent past. Among this startup, most cryptocurrencies companies handle payment processing and software under the financial services niche. It is commonly observed that small scale businesses most likely fail. Cryptocurrencies are volatile; hence many banks do not permit such companies to open an account. However, cryptocurrency is a new transformation of the Fintech industry. It is getting notable attention from the entrepreneurs to transform traditional business in digital form. It has gained fame as it has started affecting the economy in various countries. Social media giant Facebook has recently given details of its cryptocurrency Libra. Big tech giants and start-ups in the different sectors have started focussing on cryptocurrency. 

5 startups To Look Out For In The World Of Cryptocurrency
5 startups To Look Out For In The World Of Cryptocurrency

Top 5 cryptocurrency company : World Of Cryptocurrency

 Below are a few cryptocurrencies startup which you also might find interesting


Cobo offers the first wallet service supporting crypto coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin & EOS. Cobo wallet is available both on Ios and Android feature Proof of Stake concept to safely use, grow, and invest in digital currencies. Cobo is headed by Discus Fish, an inventor in cryptocurrency who wrote first-ever mining documents in the Chinese language.

Cobo raised 13 million in October 2018


Javvy again is wallet-based service built on a decentralized exchange concept offering easy registration with advanced and secure user experience. By building a universal wallet supporting all crypto coins and decentralized exchange, Javvy targets to take over or replace other giant cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges. Javvy is connected to multiple exchanges that enable its customers to transact in multiple accounts in different exchanges in one place smoothly. It was noticed that Javvy made money of amounting $7 million by the 30th of April 2019.


Finhaven has utilized the strength of Blockchain Technology to build securities exchanges like equity and debt issuance platforms. The Vancouver based firm has utilized Ethereum blockchain to issue security token, locked portfolio wallets. It also has an extra layer that provides complete logs of transactions for auditing purposes. Finhaven is also utilizing Bitcoin blockchains, which will enable its investors to collect Bitcoin in return. Finhaven, to date, is serving the customers based in Canada. Nevertheless, the scenario might change if it advances and makes profits. As a whole Finhaven made profits of $7.9 million Canadian wherein a big contribution of $5.13 million was done by Dunamu & Partners.

SpectroCoin : World Of Cryptocurrency

SpectrCoin also offers the wallet service where its customers can accumulate different crypto coins like Bitcoin, NEM, Tether, Dash, Ethereum. SpectroCoin visions to become commonplace for all the financial services to provide unique, secure services with the help of Blockchain

Technology. It also aims to fill the gap between conventional, old banking structure, and cryptocurrency. Uniquely SpectroCoin has a Bitcoin debit card that has captured the market with approx. Thirty million cash machines and 25 million shops.

StoreJ : World Of Cryptocurrency

With the emerging technology of cloud computing and decentralized blockchain technology, StoreJ is planning to build a cloud storage area. Due to the decentralized concept, StoreJ claims better speed and pricing than the other competitors in the market. The tardigrade is the first product offered by the StoreJ, which utilized both attributes of cloud storage to encrypt files and blockchain technology to break files and distribute them across several nodes available on the network. You will be a node and charge the unused available space on your system to other nodes present on the same network. In the recent past, StoreJ offered an initial coin offering ICO, which helped the firm make $30 million in Bitcoin and Ethereum. In return for this offer, its contributors got a StoreJ token. 

Wrapping up : World Of Cryptocurrency

With the above set of a startup, you are also eyeing on cryptocurrency-based startup, which is a good option. It is observed cryptocurrency has boomed over the last few years. The exchange platform in cryptocurrency is giving profits to many businesses. If you don’t have any idea of cryptocurrency, then the launch of the first crown offering ICO is a good option. ICO is nothing but crowdfunding on the digital platform. Irrespective what you choose, wish you best in your endeavors of cryptocurrency in the World Of Cryptocurrency