is a blockchain platform fighting the virus

Blockchain is helping the fight against covid19
Blockchain is helping the fight against covid19

IBM and social ComGo have launched allowing people to see the results of their contributions


IBM and ComGo have launched, a platform based on the public blockchain cloud with which it is possible to manage donations to entities that help those affected by the covid in Spain in a transparent and fully traceable way, allowing people see your results.

According to IBM, more than 120 social entities have already joined, from small NGOs to large organizations, and the platform is open to all social agents altruistically with technology financed and provided by the IT company .

This system allows you to manage donations to solidarity organizations through blokchain technology, in which all operations are transparent. In this way, users can check the destination of the donated amount.

The platform, developed on IBM Cloud IaaS (VSIs & storage), allows ComGo to adapt quickly to the growth of workloads, as a result of the current Stop-Covid campaign.

It currently has more than 50 operational projects and more than 250,000 euros in allocated funds, intended to protect the most vulnerable. The platform also gives visibility to charitable projects and helps raise funds.

In the coming weeks, in addition, the rest of the projects of the more than 120 social entities that, for now, are part of this initiative will be added and made visible, including Las Hijas de la Caridad, which brings together more than 40 organizations , or Homeless Entrepeneur, which has given home to 15 homeless people and seeks to reintegrate them into the labor market.


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