Chronicle : IOTA To Release A Decentralized Storage Framework Of Chronicle

IOTA To Release A Decentralized Storage Framework Of Industry-Ready Version Of Chronicle
IOTA To Release A Decentralized Storage Framework Of Industry-Ready Version Of Chronicle

IOTA or MIOTA has made a great announcement of the Chronicle version on ten July 2020. The Permanode solution of the Chronicle is now available in the form of the Alpha. 

The IOTA foundation has also submitted the version of IOTA in the last year. Yet, this year’s new version with extra facilities is going to arrive. In last year, IOTA released the Chronicle for storing and saving the transactions. The main aim of last year’s version was to store the data of transactions in an accurate manner. The new version of the decentralized storage framework in the form of Alpha is going to release.

What Is The Key Issue Of The Storage Framework? 

IOTA and MIOTA are one of the great trust layers of the Internet of Things. This permissionless layer has made the introduction of the Chronicle Framework. 

The IOTA organizations made this introduction last year. The Storage framework helps in storing and protecting the data of transactions. The MIOTA enterprise of the Chronicle is very helpful in saving data for long terms. 

This decentralized storage framework will protect the transaction data from any loss. This solution is going to store the IOTA transaction data forever.    

The node owners of the IOTA organization have the facility to remove the data. In the background processing of the Chronicle,  IOTA network users can edit or delete the data.  Thus, IOTA decides to release some local snapshots. These local snapshots helped in saving and protecting the information on old data. Now, node owners of IOTA organization are not able to delete the data. The users have the full facility to remove the old data at any time. Also, it is possible to save the small database of Tangle in the storage framework.

The deletion of old data is best for the node owners of IOTA. Yet, it is not accurate for regular users because they can need the tangle for old transactions. One example will help you to know that the option of deletion is not perfect for normal users. One person requests a driving license from the government with complete identity documents. Later on, the Government checks the identity document on Tangle. They will not receive the document, and then they will cancel the request for a license. Thus, the deletion of old information about transactions is never helpful for the normal user.

The IOTA has released one of the secure and reliable bullets named the Chronicle. The Chronicle is also popular as a Silver bullet that can store the data of all digital transactions. This silver bullet is fast, stable, secure, distributed, and scalable for the database. The advantage of the Chronicle is that it helps in storing the data in separate spaces of the database. The old transaction data is available for a long period. Thus, users can use them for long terms without facing any issue with the Chronicle. The separate section of the database has provided large facilities of security.

IOTA To Release A Decentralized Storage Framework Of Industry-Ready Version Of Chronicle

The Release Of The Ultimate And New Version Of The Chronicle

The IOTA has released the best version of data saving named the Chronicle in 2019. Yet, this version has gone under various development and improvements after 2019. The Chronicle is getting improvements so that it can become ready for the industry. This decentralized storage framework will become a widespread solution for industry officials. 

Many networks and organizations will adopt this widespread framework in the future. The developers of IOTA have improved the programming language of the Chronicle. The programming language has turned from Erlang to Rust. It will help in making the framework more environmentally prominent and secure for use. The Rust language of the Chronicle is more interoperability for the projects of IOTA.

The new version of the Chronicle also provides customized facilities to users. The users will have huge flexibility of customized features of this framework. The users can select the data that they want to store. Also, they can change the time duration of the transaction data. This storage solution acts best for the users that need to check the old transaction data. In the future, The IOTA is going to design the Chronicle which includes the dashboard.